Better Details for Your Home Furnishing Now

Better Details for Your Home Furnishing Now

To decorate your living room or redo its decor, start by forgetting the advice of mom and get rid of preconceived ideas. Your living room will be more successful!

Better Details for Your Home Furnishing Now

Start by listing your needs

Control the capacity you want to stretch to the show based on your lifestyle. Always depend on the quantity of the seats (sofas, armchairs) that will be needed and list everything you need or want: furniture, carpets, curtains. Think about the traffic in the room and pay attention to the doors and windows because they can be a problem when designing your living room. With the perfect and affordable home furnishings, this is the best option for you now.

Determine your own style

To help you define your decorating style, you can find information in Maison du monde catalogs, which offer a whole range of atmospheres (contemporary, charming, cozy ). Analyze the image and determine why you like it.

Colors: prefer soft hues

No, the truth does not exist deco! Indeed, our choices are primarily personal. To put color in the house, it’s the same thing. We do not perceive the same tone in the same way as our neighbor. But anyway, to avoid deception, use soft hues on the walls and dare a single wall of more sustained color.

Materials: dare for fun

Regarding furniture, the big tendency immediately is lacquer. The rough, waxed or oiled woods create a superb rendering but avoid the varnished parquet that gives a plastic side, shiny not terrible.

Let’s go to the walls, you can create a real material wall in the living room, you will thus highlight the space of your choice (sofa, TV area, etc.). Simple to set up and often inexpensive because you only treat a small area, it can be used as a decorative element on its own. Take a strip of wallpaper to make a decorative wall strip, or fix it on rails to create pretty sliding panels.

Some tips of the proto finalize the decoration
Do not be afraid of emptiness. On the contrary, emptiness enhances space. As in a good recipe, season gently and gradually to obtain a final result that suits us. Ditto for the decor, go as you go and you will get an atmosphere that suits you. You can now use all these options and that too within the budget that you think proper.