Incorporating Your Hobbies Within Your Home Design

Incorporating Your Hobbies Within Your Home Design

When it comes to your house, it never truly feels like “home” until you personalize the space and make it your own. While many people may think it can be hard for rented accommodation to become your own, or that it could cost them a lot of money, there are simple ways to make it your space.

Incorporating Your Hobbies Within Your Home Design

Even if you’re living in a rented property that might not give you the freedom to remodel, you still have the space to experiment with quirks and other personal traits. If you want to spruce up the space to reflect you, many people opt to feature something they love such as a hobby.

Before you start anything, you need to figure out what your hobby is. It might sound obvious, but if you want to reflect your interests with your decorations, you must first figure out what they are.

An avid football fan may want to incorporate color schemes or memorabilia that reflects their favorite team in their homes for example. Or, a musician would love perhaps the score of their favorite song in a framed print or vintage versions of the instrument they play incorporated into their home.

When incorporating your hobby into your home design, you need the base for your decor to be as neutral as possible. If you’re creating a cycling themed bedroom, with vintage spoke wheels above the bed or a frame in the corner to catch clothes then you’ll want to remove all other clutter and decor themes. A storage bed from the likes of Divan Bed Centre can keep everything out of sight, allowing you to truly enjoy your hobby themed room.

While not everyone wants to put up a picture of their favorite sports player or team or paint the walls in their colors, you can still create something interesting that’s been inspired by the team’s colors or their logo.

Another great way to create hobby inspired decor is to recycle old items you no longer use – for example, your old ticket stubs would make the perfect college or pre-loved football boots in shadow boxes over the years are a quirky addition to walls.

Most hobbies come with a set of tools, and if you’re living in a small property it can be difficult to figure out where to put them. Tennis racquets, books, magazines, needles, and instruments are all items that are used but take up space.

When you’re unsure where to put them, why not have them as decorations? Hang your instruments or sporting equipment on the wall and display your books, ready to go when you want them but still creating an attractive focal point in your space.

In general, keep the purpose of your room in mind when you are deciding where to place your prized possessions. Don’t just put things anywhere you have availability; take the time to find the right fit. You might not always have to use something for its original purpose but you can always use it to display your hobby in an equally useful way.