How to Store Your Barbeque in Winters

How to Store Your Barbeque in Winters

Many of us usually go for a lot of grilling during summers but as soon as winters start we start taking a back step. If you don’t have any intentions to use your barbeque for grilling this winters, then make sure to pack and store it properly.

So for all those for whom barbeque grill is not at all go-to appliance during the winter season, here are some tips to pack and store the same until next summers arrive:

The way you store and pack your barbecue depends a lot on the type of barbecue you are using. But it is really important to refer to the manual of the company.

Fire up the barbeque

Before you pack your barbeque it is advised to cook off and fire up the same for at least 15 to 20 minutes. It will help to burn off the leftovers and that, in turn, will make it easier to clean and store.

How to Clean BBQ from inside

It is really important to clean the barbeque thoroughly from inside to make sure that next time you use it, it stays in the perfect condition. Once you have cooked off all the excess food by firing up the barbeque, let it cool down.

When your barbeque is warm, use a wire brush to remove the debris. Don’t let it cool completely otherwise it will be difficult to remove the leftovers. Once you have removed the debris, let it cool down completely and clean it with soap and rinse thoroughly with water.

How to Clean BBQ from outside

The way you cleaned BBQ from the inside, use warm soapy water to clean the barbeque from outside. In case the exterior material of barbeque is metal then you can also use a dry cloth to give it a final touch and to make it shine. In the next season when you will take your barbeque out, at that time you may also need to wipe off the outer body of your barbeque to make it shiny and clean.

Cover your barbeque

Make sure to cover the body of barbeque when not in use. Spending on a good barbeque cover will make sure that you need not replace your barbeque every year because of rust or dust. You can always use generic barbeque cover or can check the manual to buy barbeque cover specific to the model you are using.

How to store barbeque

It is recommended to store your barbeque indoors to save it from elements that can affect its body, but in case it is not possible you can also use the garden shed to use the same.

If you plan to keep it outside make sure it is under the shed and is properly covered. Also, make sure that neither barbeque nor its cover has slightest of moisture in it. It will help to avoid rust and any sort of mold formations.

Be it charcoal barbeque, gas barbeque or outdoor kitchen barbeque the process of cleaning and storing them will remain the same.

Storing your barbeque with all the precautions will ensure that it remains in the right condition until you use it. Once your barbeque is ready for storage to take it to the storage units Chicago and rest assured about it safe storage.