Reasons Why Laminate Flooring Is an Eco Friendly Choice

Reasons Why Laminate Flooring Is an Eco Friendly Choice

It is indeed welcoming to see a growing awareness among consumers about living better for the planet and making responsible decisions regarding their food, lifestyle, and community. N’s building product guidance is complete without earth-conscious ideas, and flooring is one of them.

Flooring within a house or building is an important decision, and consumers keep not just the durability, look, and budget in mind, but they also assess the carbon footprint behind. The idea is to make environmentally responsible choices and make eco-friendly choices.

Cheap laminate flooring is fast rising in popularity, and for good reasons. It meets the real-life needs of performance, price, and local availability as well as available in a wide range of designs, colours, and patterns.

Laminate Floor

Given below are some excellent reasons as to why laminate flooring is an environmentally friendly consideration.

  • Sustainable source – Laminate flooring is sourced from sustained forests, follows clear-cutting environmental practices, and adheres to conservation rules set by the regulatory bodies. The wood is sourced only from those forests that follow eco-friendly harvesting of the trees.
  • Greener construction– As Laminate flooring uses less formaldehyde in its creation p[recess, which enhances its property of sustainability. Consumers can rest assured that there is no use of any pesticides and strong chemicals in its manufacturing. Thus, laminate flooring is free of any harsh chemicals, solvents, and preservatives that can cause allergies.
  • Recyclable property– Laminate is completely recyclable, and the particleboard layers can be easily repurposed and can even be transformed back into raw materials. As one can remodel and replace their old laminate flooring, that only adds to its eco-friendly reputation.
  • Made from waste– The wood fibers & chips in laminate flooring often come from waste from other industries, and that is what makes Laminate an environmentally friendly option. The use of post-consumer wood products such as sawdust and wood chips make it more eco-friendly.
  • No harsh chemicals for maintenance – Laminate carries another advantage as only natural cleansers are used to keep the floor clean and in good condition. You can mop the floor with a simple solution of water and vinegar for its maintenance.
  • LEED Certified– As Laminate is certified by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program, you can be sure that the watchdog in the building sector has assessed the building material and techniques. LEED discourages deforestation and pollution in the building sector and certifies only those materials with overall sustainability.

When you invest in laminate flooring, you make the least environmental impact. There are very few flooring options that carry the distinction of being fully sustainable, and Laminate is one of them. As its source is sustainable and the floor itself is recyclable, and no harsh chemicals are used in its creation or installation, it is indeed one of the most eco-friendly choices for flooring.